Raised in a rural Vermont town surrounded by dairy farms and green rolling hills, I was fortunate to have a childhood spent using my imagination. Playing in our forest, finding caves, reading, and drawing.  In high school art was my passion, and after graduation I attended the University of Vermont focusing on the fine arts.  I transferred to Florida Atlantic University when I realized I wanted to pursue graphic design, and it was at this time that I discovered photography.  I spent hours in the darkroom developing images, and discovering the final product was always exciting.  Once people saw my photos, I started getting requests for shoots.That was back in 1997, and since then I have had the pleasure and blessing to photograph a wide range of subjects and landscapes. My focus now is mainly vintage-inspired photos, each with their own unique feel.  My favorite subject is my little girl Skylar, who is 7.  Beyond that, I love to shoot anything and everything! And living in the beautiful state of Colorado, the inspiration is endless in which to shoot.